"How long does a Room Refinement take?
Room Refinements usually last anywhere between 1-4 hours per room depending on the size. We schedule only one client each day to allow as much time as needed.

What is a Room Refinement like?
First we discuss the specifics of your project, usage of the room, what you like and don't like, your style etc.
With your input, we develop a plan for the entire room. Everything from floor to ceiling is taken into consideration.
Next, we assimilate as many of the ideas as possible that day to give your room the best possible foundation.
Finally, we will leave you with detailed information you need to implement as your time and budget allow.

I'm not sure I can afford this service.
How much does it costs?

Costs depend on the type of service you need. Room Refinements are flat rate services that depend on the size of your room. An average room usually costs around $250. Other services are billed at our hourly rate.

Do I need to be home during the Room Refinement?
Yes. We much prefer the homeowner to be home. We want and encourage your participation in the decision-making process in order to help you get the room or rooms you want.


I'm relocating, should I call before or after I move?
If you call before you move, we can visit both sites and help you decide what to take to your new residence. Why take furnishings you won't need or use. Moving time is a great time to purge and simplify your life. You'll be glad when you move into your new place with less "stuff" and more relaxed and happy knowing exactly where to place your things.

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